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Sorry, but whilst I know many involved see it as a useful publicity ploy, I have to disagree to an extent. I watched a doc on Geldof recently, and watched LIve Aid again on DVD at the weekend.

Watching these back, it's clear where Geldof/Ure and the organisers' intentions lie. It's hard to argue with the way they raised the profile of the Ethiopian famine, and reminded us that we can all do a little bit. Seeing the CBS video of starving kids (the one soundtracked by The Cars), and then seeing Geldof present one of the kids from the film who survived to all the new Band Aid-ers was heartening - and she had survived because of direct Band Aid involvement. A small success story in a saga full of despair, but the affect this had on some of the celebs, and Geldof, was incredible.

Watching Live Aid, the sense of helplessness on some of the performer's faces was tangible. That day happened before the rise of Hello! and Heat magazines, and it's harder to be cynical about the musicians motives looking back.

Debt-wise, you're right though. The politicians have got to make the real changes.

As for Bono, he wishes he was Geldof. I'm sick of his waffle - committing the rest of his life to fighting poverty, whilst wearing Gucci. I'll listen to Geldof, thanks.

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